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Brainlyne is a leading education technology platform helping high school students and institutions access global universities through live courses, and personalized support, created by professionals.

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Brainlyne Common App

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Our Successful Track Record

Brainlyne has built the tradition of empowering individuals, and help them tap into their potentials. Among few of our alumni, we count Rise forward scholars, Ivy League acceptances, Full scholarship recipient, and students accepted at top boarding schools.  

Meet Brainlyners who have used the platform

Brainlyne  platform benefits students worldwide in various ways, providing access to virtual tutoring, study materials, and networking opportunities, 

How it works!

AI Driven Support

We use AI to deliver highly personalized support for review of your plans and interest, fine-tune on educational data. 

Live courses with experts

Our expert-led classes push you to improve every aspect of your learning journey with high standards and inspiring techniques. 

Activities & Guidance

We challenge you to pursue your interest by our activity lab, pushing you create interesting opportunities

Opportunity recommendation

Easily find great opportunities with a tailored database with filters like education level, location for scholarships.

Personal Support

Each Brainlyner has their own advisor and mentor that guides them step by step, saving them time and efforts.

Brainlyne with you everywhere!

Mobile App Available

Immerse yourself in our classes or Videoconferences, depending on the technology you are using. Keep your learning wherever you go. The structure of Brainlyne classes have been designed to accommodate the needs of every learner.