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Frequently Asked Questions

Si estás suscrito, obtienes una prueba gratis de 7 días, que podrás cancelar cuando desees sin ningún tipo de penalidad. Una vez transcurrido ese tiempo, no realizamos reembolsos. No obstante, puedes cancelar tu suscripción cuando quieras. Consulta nuestra política completa de reembolsos.

¡Sí! Para empezar, haz clic en la tarjeta del curso que te interesa e inscríbete. Puedes inscribirte y completar el curso para obtener un certificado que puedes compartir o puedes acceder al curso como oyente para ver los materiales del curso de manera gratuita. Cuando cancelas la suscripción de un curso que forma parte de un programa especializado, se cancela automáticamente la suscripción de todo el programa especializado. Visita el panel del estudiante para realizar un seguimiento de tu progreso.

Sí. En ciertos programas de aprendizaje, puedes postularte para recibir ayuda económica o una beca en caso de no poder costear los gastos de la tarifa de inscripción. Si hay ayuda económica o becas disponibles para tu selección de programa de aprendizaje, verás un enlace para postularte en la página de descripción.

Cuando te inscribes en el curso, tienes acceso a todos los cursos del programa especializado y obtienes un certificado cuando completas el trabajo. Si solo deseas leer y ver el contenido del curso, puedes participar del curso como oyente de manera gratuita. Si no puedes pagar la tarifa, puedes solicitar ayuda económica.

1. Basic knowledge of at least one programming language: C++, Java, Python, C, C#, Javascript, Haskell, Kotlin, Ruby, Rust, Scala.

We expect you to be able to implement programs that: 1) read data from the standard input (in most cases, the input is a sequence of integers); 2) compute the result (in most cases, a few loops are enough for this); 3) print the result to the standard output. For each programming challenge in this course, we provide starter solutions in C++, Java, and Python. The best way to check whether your programming skills are enough to go through problems in this specialization is to solve two problems from the first week. If you are able to pass them (after reading our tutorials), then you will definitely be able to pass the course.

2. Basic knowledge of discrete mathematics: proof by induction, proof by contradiction.

Knowledge of discrete mathematics is necessary for analyzing algorithms (proving correctness, estimating running time) and for algorithmic thinking in general. If you want to refresh your discrete mathematics skills, we encourage you to go through our partner specialization — Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science ( It teaches the basics of discrete mathematics in try-this-before-we-explain-everything approach: you will be solving many interactive puzzles that were carefully designed to allow you to invent many of the important ideas and concepts yoursel

We believe that learning the theory behind algorithms (like in most Algorithms 101 courses taught at 1000s universities) is important but not sufficient for a professional computer scientist today. This specialization combines the theory of algorithms with many programming challenges. In contrast with many Algorithms 101 courses, you will implement over 100 algorithmic problems in the programming language of your choice. And you will see yourself that the best way to understand an algorithm is to implement it!

Time to completion can vary based on your schedule, but most learners are able to complete the Specialization in 6-8 months.

Basic knowledge of at least one programming language (C/C++, Java, Python): loops, arrays, stacks, recursion. Basic knowledge of mathematics: proof by induction, proof by contradiction.