Prepare your students with-a tailored career guidance curriculum

With Brainlyne for schools, we equip institutions with a comprehensive orientation suite. Enroll now and benefit from a fully-fledged orientation and counseling service for your students. 

Access over 100 counselors & advisors from leading universities and institutions

Transform your school with Brainlyne

  • Enhance your curriculum with a ready on demand orientation courses for students.
  • Access limitless activities and opportunities. 
  • Enable advisors with supplementary training and up to date information. 
  • Increase student students without increasing costs

Transform your university with Coursera

Improve student job outcomes and modernize your curriculum with access to 5,000+ courses, 70+ Professional Certificates, and 1,900+ Guided Projects in subjects like:


Data Science & Machine Learning
Software Engineering & Cloud Computing
Computer Aided Designing
Robotics & Internet of Things

Liberal Arts & Humanities

Web & Interaction Design
Media & Production
Public Policy

Management & Commerce

Product & Technology Management
Supply Chain & Operations
Finance & Accounting
Marketing & Sales



Management & Commerce

Food & Nutrition Sciences
Research Methods & Analytical Techniques
Environmental Management
Geographical Information Systems

A platform to enhance student experience and modernize your curriculum


Deliver cutting-edge curricula

Solve for curriculum gaps by integrating world-class content from top universities and industry partners.

Empower faculty

Promote blended learning with Coursera content and faculty-authored projects, assessments, and courses.

Improve career readiness

Prepare graduates with job-based learning programs and 70+ Professional Certificates from global employers.

Provide hands-on learning with Guided Projects

Enable students to master and showcase their digital skills through hands-on projects.

Enable learning anytime, anywhere

Access courses offline or on the go with iOS and Android apps.

Scale teaching, grading and student support

Integrate Coursera’s platform to help deliver, manage, and grow online learning programs.

Trusted by 2000+ students and institutions

Ready to transform your school?
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