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1-Create an Account

After creating your personal account, you will be able to take courses, practice, pursue your interest.


2-Enroll in a track

2-Enroll in a track

Pick one of the many available tracks ranging from US college admissions track, Boarding schools, to entrepreneurship.

3-Personal advisor

3-Personal advisor

We will match you with a personalized advisor, who has experience in your track, and will focus on your development.

4-Automated learning support

4-Automated learning support

As we learn about your interest, behavior, and goals, our machine learning systems can recommend the next best opportunity for you.

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Personalized Advising Any Location

Immerse yourself in our VR classes or Videoconferences, depending on the technology you are using. Keep your learning wherever you go. The structure of Brainlyne classes have been designed to accommodate the needs of every learner.  

You have premium access to your advisor, and you can ask any of the questions you have at any time.

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Social learning With Scholars

Brainlyne is a social learning environment, where you can interact with your fellow peers, 

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We Offer Smart Solutions For Better Learning

Virtual Reality

Immersive virtual rooms are now available at Brainlyne for certain classes.

Goal oriented

Rethinking education with a focus on your goal, and building for you the path towards it


Engage in intellectually fulfilling conversations with your peers learners

Personalized Recommendation

Save the time of looking up for opportunities. We will do it on your behalf.